[infobox]The grieving process is different for everyone. When the distress associated with grief is relentless and long-term, a therapist can help with tools to manage symptoms.[/infobox]

Coping with illness, grief or loss can be difficult and overwhelming. Individuals often feel angry, sad, fearful, or guilty during these difficult times. We use a creative intervention that helps people cope with these emotional stresses in a powerful manner.

We Offer:

  • A Safe, Therapeutic and Supportive Environment
  • Parent and Family Support
  • An Appropriate Outlet for Creative Expression
  • Grief and Loss Education

Areas of Focus:

  • Understanding the emotional effects of illness on family members
  • Dealing with Family Roles and Responsibilities
  • Dealing with Changes and Conflicts
  • Handling Emotions dealing with the stages of grief and loss
  • Moving toward acceptance