When you’re struggling with drug addiction, sobriety seems an impossible goal. However, recovery is never out of reach; no matter how hopeless your situation seems.

Drug usage presents complex and difficult issues for both the user and their family. For many individuals, it is an attempt to self-medicate and soothe their emotional and psychological pain. Unfortunately, drug usage never promotes healing and often creates more serious problems, affecting work, family, and friends. Expert professional guidance is the most effective treatment. We offer an integrated approach including the following steps:

  • Substance Abuse assessment to determine the type and degree of involvement with drugs and/or alcohol
  • Psychodiagnostic Evaluation focusing on emotional and psychological functioning
  • Individual and/or family therapy
  • Referral to appropriate recovery facilities, when necessary

Our staff consists of licensed clinical professionals who are especially skilled in both the assessment and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse and experienced in dealing with this challenging condition.

WE have at our disposal the most innovative assessment tool specifically designed to evaluate the individual’s tendency to addiction and the specific roots of his/her condition. This tool designed by Dr. Pezeshk and presented and hailed in the US and internationally pinpoints the specific areas that need to be focused on in the process of treatment which saves time and highly increases efficiency.