Divorces are painful and disorienting experiences with major life consequences for everyone involved. When a couple considers the dissolution of their marriage, serious issues need to be resolved thoughtfully, as well as respectfully. Our services for adults, children, and/or parent and child can help our clients in fact the loss created by divorce and address the challenging issues of changing relationships.

Divorcing and divorced adults, as well as their children, may need therapy to adjust to their new life circumstances. Parents need to focus on the future while defining new lives for themselves and respecting the needs of their children. Two of the many dilemmas to consider are how and what children are told when a parent moves out and how parenting may continue effectively even though the marriage has ended. Consultation options include assessment services, co-parenting, and parent-child counseling, as well as individual therapy.

We specialize in the mediation of disputes. In addition, when parents of a divorcing or divorced family cannot reach a consensus, the resolution of arrangements for the children may involve a comprehensive custody evaluation to recommend what is best for each child’s future welfare and development.