We at San Diego Psychological Center, Inc. offer a variety of integrated, comprehensive vocational testing.

Career Guidance and Vocational Testing services are available at the San Diego Psychological Center, Inc. They are specifically designed for the following individuals:

  • High school students considering college majors or career opportunities
  • College students preparing to enter the workforce
  • People in career transition, and the recently unemployed.

We also offer specialized career guidance and programs for those with learning disabilities.

Focused interviewing and standardized testing with a vocational psychologist will allow our clients to have a greater awareness of their aptitudes, vocational interests and preferences, and interpersonal dynamics, as they may impact upon job performance and career satisfaction.

Individuals completing a career guidance program will become more informed and directed in their choice of a career. Our clients will be provided with these tools to help them achieve their objectives.

  • A career “action plan”
  • Awareness of effective job search and “networking” techniques
  • Preparation for job interviews
  • Printed self-help materials, internet links, and references for information on career and job search
  • Recommendations for appropriate training, educational and self-help options to facilitate career growth
  • Resume and cover letters as effective marketing tools
  • Ongoing counseling and coaching