[infobox]You’ve spent so much of your time caring for everyone else. Now it is time to take care of you.[/infobox]

Life is a balancing act for many women who are expected to juggle a wide range of roles every day. Even though you’ve chosen to become a mother, a wife, an employee, or a caretaker, it can be very stressful to meet the demands created by so many responsibilities. If finding peace, balance, and hope in you life are today’s top priority for you, then read on.

It isn’t unusual for women to be charged with managing child-rearing, family finances, and housekeeping as well as their own careers. Hectic schedules and heavy workloads can make you feel your life is out of control.

Roles and Challenges:

Mother – Are you overwhelmed by the demands of child-rearing and discipline? Are you finding it difficult to find time for yourself?

Wife – Is it difficult to find time to nurture your relationship with your spouse? Are you and your husband becoming more distant and less intimate?

Employee – Is it hard to focus on your career because of your other responsibilities? Has your workload on the job become the priority and the burden?

Caregiver – Are you expected to take care of everyone else in your life, while it seems no one is taking care of your needs?

When you take on too many responsibilities, you may find that your own thoughts and behaviors begin to shift. These responsibilities and pressures can make you feel stressed, anxious, dejected, or hopeless. Sometimes you may feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle everything on your schedule. You may irritable, angry, or depressed, and relationships may begin to suffer.

Through counseling, you can begin to learn ways to balance the demands of your life more successfully.

Benefits of exploring women’s issues in counseling:

  1. Decrease your stress;
  2. Manage your feelings (anger, depression, anxiety);
  3. Increase your self-esteem;
  4. Find more time for yourself;
  5. Learn better communication skills;
  6. Improve relationships with loved ones.