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Standard Psychology Appointment
Appointments with a psychologist are for 45-50 minutes. For rates and office policies please refer to the appropriate sections of the site.

Initial Appointment for Child and Family Counseling for couples/Relations
Initial appointments with a child psychologist are for 80 -90 minutes and this includes time allocated to filling in client details and other relevant questionnaires or providing details of your referral pathway.

The Child Psychologist provides professional assessments of your child, adolescent, and family concerns. This service provides helpful information regarding appropriate preventions/interventions for infants, children, teenagers, parents, and families.

Please bring your documentation from previous relevant professionals, if available. For children, this includes teacher reports and developmental records and/or reports from other professionals.

Parents or guardians may be required to attend an appointment without their child if he/she is under the age of 6 years old or if deemed necessary by the provider.

Where appropriate and possible, both parents should attend with the child. The psychologist often meets with the child and parents separately too, if needed.

How to Book

Simply call us at (760) 607-6463 anytime to book an appointment. If an initial phone consultation is conducted, it would be free.