Adult LGBT Therapy

[alert type=”danger” close=”false” heading=””]Our society is still struggling with the stigma and many of the members of the LGBT community are mistreated even by their own family and loved ones. At San Diego Psychological Center we are qualified to help you through life challenges and experience the healing power of successful treatment. [/alert] Adult LGBTFirst and foremost, we start our path with you with the understanding that lesbian, gay, and bisexual orientations ARE NOT mental illnesses. They are normal and variants of human sexuality. Please note tat at our center our aim is not to change your sexual orientation in any way, shape or form. Rather it is helping you understand, accept and feel empowered by all that you bring to life and have to offer. We welcome you along with those individuals that you consider your family into treatment to make the process as successful and fulfilling as possible. Together we will identify the challenges you face in your personal and professional environments and help you successfully and proudly come to terms with who you are and move forward.

We will skillfully assist you with psychological support and guidance as you navigate these often bumpy roads of “coming out” and proudly existing with what feels natural for you.

We will be there to assist you with your emotional issues which may or may not be related to your sexual orientation. We support and help guide your way without judgment, bias, or prejudice.

Pick up the phone and call us…it may be the most important call you can make.